As we look at moving forward, or in a different direction in our leadership, business, lives or careers, we often think about what to add.

  • What skills can I gain?
  • What new revenue streams can I add?
  • What new technique can I implement?
  • What new behaviors can I start doing?

This is a great exercise. There are new ideas, thoughts, skills, behaviors, techniques, solutions that we can add to be more fulfilled or effective. However, adding is not always the answer; or adding alone isn’t always the answer. We also need to think about what we need to leave behind.

  • What is draining your energy in your business, at work or at home?
  • What messages do you tell yourself that keep you from shifting to who you want to be?
  • What relationships are no longer fueling connection?
  • What behavior patterns served you for time, but are no longer serving you?

Once you have jotted down some ideas from the questions above, imagine what it would be like to leave behind those items, thoughts, behaviors or relationships. Did you exhale? Does it feel lighter or more free? Did your shoulders drop? Did you smile? Pay attention to how it felt and let that feeling help guide you as you make your list of what is not coming with you into this year.