Are you getting the most out of your professional development opportunity?

Part of your role as a manager is to assist your direct reports with their professional development. It’s a process that helps them toward their goals and helps your organization as well. It’s usually a win-win for everyone.

I have a question: are you getting the most out of the professional development opportunity?

Professional development opportunities take many forms

I’m obviously a big fan of coaching as a professional development opportunity. It targets the individual and includes support, learning, and accountability. It can be transformational.

But I’m not here to sell you on coaching.

Professional development opportunities take many forms.

Many individuals choose to attend a conference, a workshop, or take a course. The individual typically gains new insights, learns new skills, makes new connections, or generates new ideas based on these opportunities.

That’s great! But what happens next? Oftentimes, the individual comes back to numerous emails or challenges that occurred while they were out of the office for their professional development opportunity.

They must attend to those first, and we often get into a rhythm of priority setting. Days and weeks pass, and the new learnings and insights may not be further developed.

Getting the most of out your opportunities

Some ways to get the most out of the development:

  • Create a 10-15 minute section in a team meeting for the individual to present their learnings to everyone.
  • Have the individual host a lunch-n-learn for the team on their new learnings. 
  • Give the individual visibility to senior leadership to recap their learnings.
  • Include the professional development opportunity in your 1:1s with the individual.
    • Get clarity on what specifics they can incorporate into their role or new ideas into the organization, and ask them how you can help support them with accountability. 
  • Ask the individual how they would like to incorporate the learning into the team and organization. 

There are so many new ideas, new insights, and new learnings that professional development opportunities provide. Don’t lose out on the impact it can have by being too busy to deepen the learning. 


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