Overcoming Obstacles

“When will the waves stop crashing over me?”

This is a question I was asked by a client recently who was struggling with overcoming obstacles.

She had a series of setbacks at work that kept knocking her down. It made me think of my times at the ocean. Each year, we try to get to the ocean for a few days, playing and jumping the waves.

Sometimes we are successful at jumping the waves or simply ride them to shore. Sometimes we are successful in bobbing with the waves and laughing at the heights they can take us.

Oftentimes we lose our balance and tumble, get knocked over and lose our hats to the sea forever.

And once in a while we get knocked over by a wave and before we can get back up, another one comes over us. We feel like we won’t ever be able to get up, catch our breath, or feel grounded and safe.

This last example was the feeling my client was experiencing. 

What do we do when the waves knock us over at work or life?

When the waves knock us over, we don’t feel steady. Everything seems off-balance and overcoming obstacles seems impossible. 

  • Firstly, we need to do is to find a way to feel grounded again. Do this in whatever way works for you. This might be going for a walk. This might be meditating. This might simply start with feeling our feet grounded into the floor or grass.  
  • Then take a breath, or several breaths. Breathing will keep you or get you into that grounded space and calm your mind. 
  • Don’t forget your emotions. They took a tumble with the waves. Acknowledge that life or work is hard right now. Don’t simply move to “it will be better” or “there is a gift in here” or “the silver lining is . . . “ Yes, we can get to the positive, but not before we acknowledge the current emotions. Life or work or both can be very difficult. Don’t skip over that acknowledgement. Don’t underestimate saying the hard part out loud.
  • Then ask, what do I most need right now? Maybe you need to laugh? Maybe you need to cry? Maybe you need to take a few hours off. Maybe you need to go for a walk. Maybe you need to dance. Take a moment for yourself. 

The Waves Will Keep Coming

These steps should bring you back in balance from the waves pushing you down. Overcoming obstacles aren’t always so easy. The waves will keep coming. I hope there are more waves in life that you can ride or jump with.

Inevitably, some waves will push us down when we are working on overcoming obstacles.

Ultimately, I hope this helps you be able to get back to a feeling more balanced and grounded. 


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