Shed Limitations. Own Your Impact.

Vertical Growth for All Leaders

Based on the principles of vertical development and renewable growth, the Chrysalis Program® for Leaders is a powerful ten-month virtual and hybrid experience designed to help executives renew and rewire their careers. Through workshops, individual executive coaching, peer learning, and self-directed practice, leaders learn how to heighten their presence and effectiveness — and prepare to soar.

Emerge with Personality and Power

Has your career trajectory flattened? Are you no longer making the impact you know you can make? Or do you want to fast-track your development with other powerful people and expand your network? If so, the Chrysalis Program® for Leaders is for you.

In this carefully designed 10-month, on-the-job program, you’ll practice and learn the tenants of vertical growth and how to:

  • Advocate for yourself and encourage others to advocate for you
  • Build presence and impact
  • Shed limitations
  • Integrate personal style in a powerful way
  • Learn from role models and expand your skillset
  • Leverage a strong network

If you’re looking for renewable growth, this program is the answer. It will help you change the way you think, how you act, how you are perceived, and what you believe about yourself.

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