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Mastermind Group for Entrepreneurs

Drawing on the power of collective wisdom and shared experiences, the growth10 virtual Mastermind Group for Entrepreneurs provides a powerful launchpad to grow your business. Sharing ideas, problems and solutions with like-minded, driven entrepreneurs, you’ll gain clarity, get feedback, be held accountable and grow faster. You will also have access to the growth10 community, including networking with hundreds of entrepreneurs nationally, an on-demand learning library, and live monthly speakers.

Grow Your Business Through Connection and Balance

Running a service business is tough – especially when you are alone. Entrepreneurs are often stuck on a “lonely island” trying to balance a hundred things all by themselves with no peers to confide in and no outlet to quickly learn the things they don’t know. But you don’t have to go it alone. In this small group format with only Texas-based entrepreneurs, you’ll grow faster and enjoy the journey more because of the relationships you’ll form with like-minded entrepreneurs.

In monthly, virtual facilitated meetings with 9 other entrepreneurs, you’ll share collective wisdom with peers who are committed to each other’s growth, well-being and success.

Your growth10 Mastermind Group will help you achieve your goals through:

  • Each month, members need and receive something new from the group – it could be feedback on a critical decisions, best practices on a big challenge or just an opportunity to vent (in a safe place).
  • When you put the right people in the room and follow the right process, it is extremely effective.
  • There is significant power in spending time with, learning from and sharing ideas with people that get you.
  • These trusted relationships only grow over time, and often become some of the most important in your life.
  • No matter what is going on in your life or business, your group has your back.

Price Options: Either $499 per month or $4,990 if you pay upfront for a 12-month membership

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