Our lives are filled with chapters. There are beginnings and endings throughout our lives and our careers. We might only choose a few of these endings, but we can decide how to end the chapter.

You can write the ending, even when it is far more than ideal. 

Think about when you were faced with the ending of one of your jobs. Whether it was your choice or not, you could choose how you wanted to end it intentionally. You can write the ending, even when it is far more than ideal. What is in your control even if you are laid off and walked out of the building? If you were given your notice or time before you leave, reflect on how you want to end things. 

  • Whom do you want to stay connected to from your job? 
  • What do you want to make sure is documented for the team? 
  • What testimonials do you want to give team members? What testimonials do you wish to receive? 
  • Who is in your network? How do you want to keep building those relationships?   
  • What do you want to leave behind in this chapter (old patterns of behaviors, old stories, former ways of communicating or connecting that didn’t work for your, etc.)?

The same is true when you are starting a new chapter

Beginnings often bring optimism and excitement. It would help if you channel those emotions but also be intentional about how you are beginning this chapter.

  • What do you want to learn?
  • What relationships do you want to form?
  • What is your value, and how do you showcase that value?
  • How will you stay aligned with your values in this new role?
  • What old patterns of behavior are still serving you and want to bring with you into this new role?
  • What new behavior patterns do you want to try (i.e., fewer people pleasing, using my voice more when I disagree)?

As human beings, we are constantly growing and evolving. We have a choice in how we want to end a chapter and begin a new one. Spending some time reflecting and setting the intention of how we want to end or start a new chapter will serve our development and allow us to grow.

The best part is that intentionality doesn’t take much time, but it pays dividends!