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Are You Ready for More Effective, Authentic and Impactful Leadership?

Lead Without Limits

Are you a woman in a leadership position looking to expand your leadership skills and create meaningful impact?

Are you ready to fast track your leadership development with other powerful women?

Are you ready for to renew and rewire your career?

If so, the Chrysalis Program® for Women Leaders is a powerful and proven 10-month, virtual experience designed to help women leaders:

  • Shed limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Show up with presence and confidence
  • Heighten effectiveness
  • Manage priorities amid uncertainty

If you want to create the impact you know you’re capable of, schedule a complimentary, 1:1 session with Amy Wolfgang to learn more about the Chrysalis Program® for Women Leaders.

Renewable Growth for Women Leaders

Executive coach and entrepreneur, Amy Wolfgang, has coached over 1,000 women and men to help their careers soar and become better leaders. She’s joined forces with executive coach Ron J West to create the Chrysalis Program® for Women Leaders.

This carefully designed, on-the-job, virtual program consists of:

  • Ten 2.5 hour workshops
  • 6 Executive Coaching Sessions
  • Peer Learning Circle
  • Multiple Assessments
  • Dedicated Accountability Partner
  • Self-Directed Work and Resources

Early-Bird Pricing Ends March 22

The next cohort kicks off on Monday, April 25. That day starts your journey to:

  • Build presence and impact
  • Integrate personal style in a powerful way
  • Advocate for yourself and encourage others to advocate for you
  • Learn from women role models and expand your skillset
  • Leverage a strong network

If you’re looking for renewable growth, this program is the answer. It will help you change the way you think, how you act, how you are perceived, and what you believe about yourself.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a virtual, 10-month program starting on April 25, 2022.

The total planned “workload” for the Chrysalis Program® for Women Leaders is around 5-6 hours per month. There is no pre-work before the program starts. The program guide shows the ten workshops (2.5 hours once a month), self-directed and peer learning exercises (around 2-2.5 hours per month) and one-on-one executive coaching sessions (one hour each). The intention is to immediately apply what you learn in your every day job responsibilities.

This program is best suited for those who have responsibilities similar to a Director, Vice President or Executive depending on your organization structure/size.

The all-inclusive fee for ten workshops, six executive coaching sessions and materials is $8,750 until March 22 and $9,450 afterwards. Registration closes on April 22. We except attendees will be sponsored by their organization. Download our justification letter and follow the instructions at the top to request funding from your manager. 50% refund is available until April 17.

Several women have found our justification letter helpful in communicating the value of the program and, ultimately, receiving up to 100% reimbursement. Download our justification letter and follow the instructions at the top to request funding from your manager.

Cohorts are purposely kept small enough so individuals can form deep connections yet large enough to benefit from multiple perspectives. Cohorts are capped at a maximum of 20 slots.

You can miss a workshop and continue in the program. That’s the beauty of having your own Accountability Partner and Executive Coach as well as a Peer Learning Circle – they will be able to catch you up on what you missed. Your will always have access to workshop breakout exercises and self-directed resources.

If you are ready, you can:

  1. schedule a call with Amy and she will get you registered
  2. complete our brief registration form and we will reach out to you

Thank you for your interest!

Burnout in Women Leaders More than Men

The last year has seen dramatic increases in burnout among women leaders – far more than their male counterparts. One in three women has contemplated either downshifting her career or leaving the workforce entirely. We are here to support women leaders during this challenging time in their professional and personal lives.

Leaders need to be adaptive and agile and be able to change quickly and skillfully. They need to create adaptive environments where they can observe, learn and adjust. This requires gaining additional skills (horizontal development), but also new perspectives that challenge old assumptions, understand obstacles and identify underlying motivations and belief systems (vertical development).

The Chrysalis Program® for Women Leaders is rooted in these foundations and designed to transform you into a more effective, authentic and impactful leader. The program has been proven effective across a number of corporate environments.

Get started today and start transforming your future!

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