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  • remote work

Working in a Remote World and Gaining Professional Maturity Skills

March 13th, 2023|Leadership Development, Personal Development|

When I started my post-college career, I was blessed to be hired at a company that employed many entry-level workers. Therefore, I immediately had a peer group I worked with, socialized with, and vented with. I learned so much working in person with these individuals, and it eased the transition from college to the workplace.  Another group of people I

  • ruminating

When You Can’t Stop Ruminating

February 27th, 2023|Personal Development|

A few business owners I work with were experiencing a particularly stressful time. Each mentioned that even if they "put down their work" earlier in the evening, their brain spins up on a situation or issue. They kept ruminating on the issue, making it hard for them to sleep and have a good night's sleep. This happens to many people.

  • chapter

Your Chapter is Either Beginning or Ending

February 16th, 2023|Personal Development|

Our lives are filled with chapters. There are beginnings and endings throughout our lives and our careers. We might only choose a few of these endings, but we can decide how to end the chapter. You can write the ending, even when it is far more than ideal.  Think about when you were faced with the ending of one of

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