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Vertical Development for Leaders

Your Inner Game Runs Your Outer Game

Regardless of external pressures, leadership starts within. Having the impact you want isn’t a matter of learning new skills or fitting more into your schedule. Breaking through stagnation, self-doubt or any of the hurdles that all leaders eventually face requires diving deep, changing habits and shifting your mindset. Creating impact requires us to lead from our humanity – finding the both/and between head and heart, achievement and connection. Through work grounded in neuroscience, cognitive psychology and social intelligence models, you can learn to shed limitations to renew and rewire your career.

Sharing Humanity

As leaders, we don’t take off our “human suit” when we enter the office and put on our “leader suit.” Being human is your greatest source of strength. It’s what makes you unique, creates a foundational connection with others and provides your greatest opportunities for true impact.

entrepreneurs aligning instincts

Aligning Instincts

To lead effectively, we need alignment between our Head (logic), Heart (values) and Gut (wisdom). I think. I feel. I know. Each of these instincts contributes something valuable to who we are as leaders and the purpose we bring to the table.

growth mindset for leaders

Shifting Mindset

A mindset of scarcity keeps many leaders stuck. Approaching challenges from a mindset of possibility and grounded in reality clears the path for renewed energy and influence. This allows you to lead from a place of wholeness and strength.

leadership growth

Reaching for Growth

Reach for who you want to become. Strive for something bigger; something more aligned with your purpose. Set your sights higher and tap into your intrinsic potential for transformation and breaking through.

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Recommended Reading

Get a jump start on your coaching

Own the Room

by Amy Jen Su

A strong leadership presence is needed to lead others. But many people have the following questions about leadership presence: What is it? How do you get it? How do you know when you have it? Do others think you have it? Amy Jen Su's book is a great start to learn how to authentically communicate with others, find your voice, overcome the obstacles getting in your way and create your impact.

Emotional Agility

By Susan David

We are humans and therefore emotional beings. Our emotions are part of us whether we acknowledge them or not. In our professional world, when we acknowledge emotions, we can work through them. When we ignore them, they still show up, but in ways that can harm us. Susan David introduces the reader into this world of emotions and how to gain control of them. She provides solid examples and advice.

Women Leaders Program Guide

by Ron West & Amy Wolfgang

Based on the principles of vertical development and renewable growth, the Chrysalis Program® for Women Leaders is a powerful 10-month experience designed to help women leaders renew and rewire their careers. Through workshops, peer learning, individual coaching and self-directed practice, women leaders learn how to heighten their presence and effectiveness -- and prepare to soar.

Meet Coach Wolfgang

Amy Wolfgang is a business owner, executive coach and an innovator in developing today's leaders. Amy helps leaders to show up with more presence and confidence, reach for who they want to be and have a bigger impact on their organization and the world. Amy’s unique blend of education, experience and credentials make her a sought after certified leadership and executive coach, author and speaker.

My purpose is to help growth-minded individuals take ownership of their leadership, business and life. As an executive coach, I coach and mentor individuals and help them realize their full potential in their leadership, in their businesses or career. I live in possibility, but am grounded in reality. I love what I do because I get to empower individuals through their transformation journey so they can have the impact they are seeking.
I’ve launched and grown three businesses and have expertise in the areas of leadership development, identifying internal obstacles, harnessing collective wisdom, uncovering habits of the mind, understanding conditioned tendencies and seeing new perspectives. Additionally, I am a certified coach with ICF and have a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin.

My experience as a professional executive and leadership coach includes:

  • Co-created Chrysalis Program for Women Leaders
  • Developed multiple leadership programs for small companies to large enterprises that were implemented across three continents
  • Created the "Own Your Career" Career Management System utilized by career coaching clients
  • Coached 1000s of individuals at all levels including entrepreneurs to senior-level executives
  • Corporate experience including talent development and training & development
  • Lecturer on career strategies at the McCombs School of Business.
  • Authored two e-books on Owning Your Impact & Owning Your Career
  • Written hundreds of thought leadership articles
  • Featured speaker for non-profits, private companies, universities and at numerous conferences and events including SXSW
You know that you have something amazing to contribute to the world, but you aren’t able to fully identify and navigate the obstacles blocking your progress. I work best with leaders and entrepreneurs, who have a track record of success but are feeling stuck and are seeking to:

  • Achieve their full potential
  • Create a bigger impact
  • Feel excited and energized with less stress
  • Grow and develop professionally while being true to themselves
  • Gain confidence
  • Feel connected and get off the “lonely island”

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